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The Christian religious tradition recognizes that genuine spiritual growth requires both personal and communal “practices” and “disciplines,” actions or activities that enhance and deepen spiritual growth. A personal spiritual path can be understood as the particular way one selects and integrates various practices into her or his daily life. That personal blend of practices and activities will change and evolve over time, sometimes dramatically, as life experience and grace continue to teach us who and whose we are. While recognizing that uniqueness, Holy Wisdom’s vision statement beautifully expresses what unites us:

Holy Wisdom Monastery welcomes people into sacred space and our community of communities to pray, study, and nourish one another. Compelled by the Gospel and rooted in the Benedictine tradition, we support personal and community growth as we live out our mission and values in a changing world.

Spiritual Deepening Council Associate Program Offerings

The Spiritual Deepening Council of Holy Wisdom Monastery’s purpose is to enrich the contemplative life and nurture the ongoing spiritual transformation of individuals and the community.

In January of 2016 the Council formed a Spiritual Deepening Council Associate position.  Associates are individuals whose work is so closely aligned with the mission of Holy Wisdom Monastery and the purposes of the Spiritual Deepening Council that they become important partners in the work of enhancing the contemplative life of individuals and the community. Beth O’Brien is the first person to become a Spiritual Deepening Council Associate and we are grateful for her and the opportunities for contemplative experience she brings to the monastery.

Beth O’Brien
Beth-O'Brien2In addition to being an Associate of the Holy Wisdom Monastery Spiritual Deepening Council, Beth is a Benedictine oblate, spiritual director, and founder of Contemplative Presence. A direct student of Cynthia Bourgeault for many years, Beth received Cynthia’s blessing in 2014 to carry the Wisdom lineage forth—and has been offering her own Wisdom Schools since that time. Beth holds Masters degrees in both Education and Religious Studies.

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