Paz and the sisters at midday prayer

Having a hard time with the psalms

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At the monastery we pray the psalms three times a day during the Liturgy of the Hours. At morning and evening prayer, we pray two psalms each, one singing and another recited, at midday we recite a psalm. This is a total of five psalms a day, which is a lot for me. Since I can remember, back in Mexico, I used to attend mass every single Sunday and I never heard a psalm that asked God for the punishment of the wicked or to kill and banish my enemies from the earth. When I first moved to Houston and …

Script lettering: O Antiphons

O Antiphons

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In the monastic Liturgy of the Hours (morning, midday and evening prayers of the community), antiphons are sung as an introduction and a response to readings of the psalms, the heart of our liturgy, and before and after the Benedictus at the end of morning prayer and the Magnificat at the end of evening prayer. During the last days of Advent we change to special antiphons, the O Antiphons, to accompany the Magnificat, Mary’s song of joy and humility. Sung each evening at the end of evening prayer, they provide an additional layer of hope and expectation. The origin of the O Antiphons …

Sister Lynne walking along prairie path in early morning

Finding the seeds of God’s call in my life

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At the monastery, I like to walk around the property on Sunday afternoon to see what has changed since the last time I walked. The close connection to and care for the land we have at Holy Wisdom is something that resonated deeply with me when I was exploring a call to life in our community. I believe that a call comes right out of one’s life. That means that rather than being something extraordinary that drops down from heaven to overwhelm a person, a call grows from the values, characteristics and dreams one has already begun to develop. My desire …

candle light and plain, bare Christmas tree await Christmas Eve services in the assembly room

Christmas in community

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Reflections by Joanne Kollasch and Lynne Smith, co-directors of formation  The Christmas Eve liturgy is a highlight of the season for our community. Soft candle light flickers around the assembly room. We sit in muted silence before the service begins. This is a time for quiet meditation, time to take in the Christmas tree and crèche scene surrounded by poinsettias. Our Advent liturgies dwell on the theme of anticipation of Christ’s coming rather than rushing to Christmas. Christmas Eve is the culmination of our anticipation, ushered in by the cherished music of Christmas. This is the beginning of the celebration …

Midday Prayer in Community

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The Liturgy of the Hours is a practice that forms the rhythm of our daily life as Benedictine sisters. As a community we gather for Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer. All are welcome to join us during any of these times of prayer. Midday prayer always includes a non-scripture reading for meditation as well as a reading from the Gospels. We have most recently been reading selections from The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living, excerpts from the works of Father Thomas Keating, compiled by S. Stephanie Iachetta. The readings are usually short, but full of substance for contemplation. In July …