Hospitality requires many hands

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Volunteers help chef Barbara Wright, plate goodies for the Angel Tea. Pictured left to right, Sally McCoy, Barbara Wright, Mary Hoddy and Janice Collier. Photo by Janine Edwards.

A very successful outcome to the annual Holiday Fair and Angel Tea on November 8, 2015, is a testament to our volunteers! An English High Tea was served to 170 people and approximately 400 people mingled through the wares at the Holiday Fair. This event was carried out smoothly thanks to nearly 100 volunteers who contributed in a variety of different roles.

January, 2016 will be a very busy month here at the monastery. Over 300 people are scheduled to attend group retreats. In addition, 20 people are scheduled for personal retreats in the guest house and hermitages. This means there will be 1,615 meals prepared in our kitchen! But…don’t let the numbers scare you. Our weekends are full, but there are still opportunities for meetings and retreats during the week.

Volunteers are welcome, always needed and make a significant impact here at Holy Wisdom Monastery. If you have a few extra hours to help out as a volunteer, please call me at 608-836-1631 x108 or visit our web site to inquire about the wide array of opportunities.

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