Want to learn how Benedictine spirituality might enrich your life?

Are you curious about life in a monastery? Are you looking for a change? Would you like to experience ways that Benedictine spirituality might enrich your life? You will find a welcome at Holy Wisdom Monastery. We invite you to come and get to know us.

After you have gotten to know us you might consider living and working with us for six months as a Benedictine Sojourner. This program is open to single, Christian women, ages 21-50, in good health, with no dependents. New sojourners begin their six months with us in September of each year.

  • Work in the sisters’ ministries of prayer and hospitality at the monastery 20-25 hours / week:Sojourner Diane pruning apple tress with novice Denise West.
      • Grow and harvest fruits and vegetables, then prepare and share meals together.
      • Care for our prairie, woods, lake and trails.
      • Prepare for guests in our retreat and guest house.
      • Lead daily prayers and participate in Sunday music and worship.
      • Blog, take photos, write for the sisters’ website and publications.
  • Learn Benedictine community living skills.
  • Live a simple, celibate lifestyle with the sisters
  • Receive room and board, and a monthly stipend.
  • Form relationships with the sisters and the wider communities connected with Holy Wisdom Monastery.
  • Enjoy leisure time in evenings and on days off.
Seek God in the everyday rhythm of prayer and work, study and leisure.

  • Learn and live the Benedictine way in daily community life with the sisters.
  • Participate in daily communal prayers and centering prayer.
  • Worship on Sundays at the monastery with the larger, local community.
  • Deepen your experience of quiet and contemplation.
  • Share company and conversation with women of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Explore your own personal vocation.
Finding out if this is a good fit for you is important. We encourage you to take time to get to know us and we provide a number of opportunities to help you in that process:

1.  Becoming better acquainted

A new group of Benedictine Sojourners begins in September in 2018 and in June in 2019. We would love to be able to welcome you in mid-September to begin a 6-month stay with us. Start now with the steps above. If it becomes clear that this might be a good experience for you:

2.  Formal application process
  • We will help you schedule an extended two-week visit at the monastery—an opportunity to learn and experience even more about the rhythm of life you can expect as a sojourner.
  • After this two-week visit, we will ask for letters of recommendation and additional health information. You will also need some time to begin planning to be away from your current commitments and responsibilities.
  • Complete the program and take the skills you have learned back into your daily life.    — or —
  • Explore further options with the community, including a three-month time of discernment for becoming a sister at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

Ready for a short visit? 

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