Nurture the monk in yourself and in others

The Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery is an intentional ecumenical community of women and men. Diverse in ages and faith traditions, they find spirituality for their daily lives in the Rule of Benedict. In a mutual relationship with the sisters’ community, oblates seek God through a balance of prayer, work, leisure and study. They meet regularly to help one another grow spiritually, to nurture the inward, spiritual journey and to integrate Benedictine spirituality into their lives.

Explore Benedictine spirituality

oblate-reatreat-listeningOblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery, are invited to:

  • study the Rule of Benedict, a guide for Christian spirituality
  • pray with oblates and the monastic community
  • deepen their spirituality
  • develop a personal rule of life
  • actively serve the monastery in some way

Make a commitment
to a larger vision

Individuals who desire to become an oblate of Holy Wisdom Monastery spend a year of discernment as an oblate candidate.

The oblate candidate commits to:

  • grow spiritually through prayer, self-reflection, listening and participation
  • learn and incorporate Benedictine values into their life
  • deepen their connection specifically with Holy Wisdom Monastery

Individuals who are interested in becoming an oblate candidate first have a personal interview with a representative of the oblate leadership and then complete a written application. Candidates form as a class and come together as a group in the context of regularly scheduled oblate retreats at Holy Wisdom Monastery. The group also experiences one retreat set apart specifically for candidates.

The next oblate candidate class to be offered will begin in the spring of 2018.

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2017 Oblate gatherings:

  • November 10-12, 2017Faith in Times of Transition: Benedictine Values for the Road, led by Lisa Nelson and Judy Nolderegister by October 27, 2017

Learn more about becoming an oblate

Inquire about our oblate program here

“Being an oblate gives me the opportunity to examine the life I am living and make adjustments that are peaceful and nurturing to my soul life.”

– Carole, Madison, Wisconsin

“I appreciate the inclusive unity as well as the religious diversity of our ecumenical oblate community.”

– Bill, Baraboo, Wisconsin

“The public intentionality gives me something concrete to which I can refer when I get lost, which I often do, in my spiritual life. It also gives me a group to journey with, others like me for whom spiritual growth is of primary importance.”

– Marge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin