Wisdom Prairie Workday

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Volunteer with the Friends of Wisdom Prairie at an upcoming workday. Help improve the ecological health of the land, meet new people, work outside with old friends and have fun. Meet at the monastery building entrance at 9:00 am and come prepared to work outside. Wear sturdy shoes, long pants a hat and gloves. We will work until noon, but will take a break mid-morning with a snack and conversation. Bring your friends! Register 1 days before the workday(s) you wish to attend. Register online  

Spring prairie tour

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Join Sylvia Marek and Greg Armstrong for a tour of the prairies at Holy Wisdom Monastery. May is a wonderful time for a tour as we may see migrating warblers and other birds. We also hope to come across lupine, shooting star, prairie phlox and spiderwort in flower as we walk the prairie. Leaders Sylvia Marek, expert naturalist and one of the best birders in our area. Greg Armstrong, director of land management and environmental education at Holy Wisdom Monastery. No registration necessary, just come. Learn more about what we might discover on the tour in Sylvia’s May phenology (monthly nature …

Sylvia Marek leading a prairie walk - storing September

Storing September

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As we drank in the sights and sounds of a glorious September day on a recent Wisdom Prairie Walk, Sylvia Marek stopped to share the following poem, Storing September, which she said her mother often read to her. With deep gratitude for all the people and places that show us the way, inspire our hearts and souls, and work to preserve these places and moments of beauty, we share this poem with you: Storing September You ask me what I did today. I could pretend and say, “I don’t remember.” But, no, I’ll tell you what I did today— I stored September. …

Maple leaves blazing red in fall

Glory days

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One of the hopes I have for my six months at Holy Wisdom is to deepen my relationship with God or, more precisely, to find out what I mean when I said I believe in “God.” Though I’ve been on a path seeking God for a number of years, I have gotten to a point where I realize that I am too often trying to generate a sense of God, rather than having a conviction of God’s presence. Each day after morning liturgy, the sisters meet for chapter. When I first came as a potential sojourner in July, I was surprised and delighted …

Two sojourners working in the apple orchard.

Desde la mesa de laboratorio hasta la pradera

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PEQUEÑAS NOTAS DE UN VIAJE A LA PRADERA Dejar el laboratorio, mi familia y mis amigos para venir a vivir aquí en la pradera no fue una decisión fácil. Pero ahora estoy aquí esperando a disfrutar el invierno ártico por primera vez en mi vida. Estaba y sigo estando emocionada y asustada al mismo tiempo. Nací y viví en la Ciudad de México, la mayor parte de mi vida. Hace seis años, me mudé a Estados Unidos, y estuve viviendo en Houston, Texas. Así que no sé qué esperar del invierno en Wisconsin. Sin embargo, el invierno no es la …

Seeing with Delight

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It’s July, full heat bearing down. I am dizzied by the lightness of being, buzzing and blossoming in the prairie. If you haven’t read it already do enjoy Greg Armstrong’s marvelously descriptive ode to the flora on the monastery grounds this time of year (Nature Notes Summer 2013). It seems a day does not pass that I am not exclaiming to whoever is in earshot, Wow – unbelievable! How can such lush beauty be so conspicuous where just three short months ago dead stalks covered acres of barren field? My way to Morning Prayer through the prairie now is quite …